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wKREDA---Western Kansas Rural Economic Development Alliance, Inc. is a coalition of people in the 54 western Kansas counties whose mission is to work together for the common good of western Kansas.

As a volunteer organization, wKREDA is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors who meet quarterly to coordinate the activities of the alliance.  The Board organizes the activities for the Business Development, Government Affairs, Education, and Public Relation committees.  In addition, many ad hoc task force groups are created as needed to meet the opportunities and challenges faced by wKREDA's membership.

Contact information:
Call    (800)-982-3501
wKREDA, PO Box 980, Hays, KS   67601

---Non-profit, 501 (c)(3), corporation chartered in the state of Kansas.  Primary missions of the alliance are preserving the heritage of the communities involved, promoting economic development and tourism, and interpreting the history and culture of the valley.  Letters and articles are welcome, and they become the property of SVA and may be edited or abridged at the editor's discretion.  All rights reserved.  Membership in the Alliance is open to all individuals, families, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.  Check out website for membership information.